The Prelude to Darkness

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The Great Fate churns once more.

A disillusioned young man spurns council and seeks wisdom that has long been barred. A knight-captain pledges her sword to righteousness, cleaving apart all who stand in her path. The eldest son of a noble family rises to a seat of piracy and tyranny. The most unrelenting of warriors breaks against the tides of an age. A fearsome prince bathes in a storm of blood and chaos.

Such are the trials of an age, and the resonant prelude that shall call the Darkness across the great kingdoms.

About the Series

There are seven volumes in the medieval fantasy series, Ancient Vestiges. Four are chronologically connected novels, and three are serialized story collections that supplement the narrative presented in the novels.

The Ancient Vestiges series

  • The Prelude to Darkness
  • Darkness Rising
  • Chains of Fate – 2020
  • The Red Dawn
  • Unbreakable Will
  • Fates Entwined
  • Transcendent