Darkness Rising

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The Great Fate churns once more.

A disgraced knight is tormented by endless nightmares. A young and fearful priestess sits the Crystal Throne of Mother God. Smugglers and reavers hold dominion over every shore. A resentful and battle-hardened imperator is tempted by a power he does not understand. All the while savants and seers are wracked by visions of a cold and desolate future.

By prophecy or by steel, a storm is near at hand, and none within the great kingdoms are prepared for the reckoning to come. For it is a time of change and upheaval, of secrets and trysts, of swords and fell sorcery.

And the onset of the Darkness Rising.

The Ancient Vestiges series

  • The Prelude to Darkness
  • Darkness Rising
  • Chains of Fate – 2022
  • The Red Dawn
  • Unbreakable Will
  • Fates Entwined
  • Transcendent